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1956 :September 2, Akita birth. Blood O type. The Niigata earthquake will be experienced from a father's JNR business in Niigata-shi of a new address in 1964 (Showa 39). Then, Nagano Prefecture, Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, and move history 17 times are counted.
1977 :Department graduation of the Tokyo designer institute graphic design. He liked the picture, although the designer was aimed at. A hobby is music, work, and a dish.
1977 :A graduation production, the Ueno woods art museum prize award.
1979 :Free declaration.
1981 :The National Space Development Agency (NASDA) and the Toshiba Komukai factory space technology part (Toshibaaelectric wave systems-engineering incorporated company) entry. Henceforth, it deals with an artificial satellite rendering.
1986 :A NAAC exhibition, the Tokyo graphic designers-Club section winning a contest and the Tokyo art directors-Club section simultaneous winning a contest.
1987 :MITSUBISHI MOTORS Auto art exhibition It participates in seven nations of the world.
1988 :Tetsuya Mizuno illustration office, establishment.
1989 :TAISEI corp, Ltd. "Alice city" Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun yearbook advertising grand-prix, 3-seat award.
1990 :SHIMIZU corp, Ltd."the project and policy" for the ten week year commemoration of foundations of arc airport 21 (airport design in metropolitan area third power case) Japan project industrial deliberations (JAPIC), and social maintenance in the 21st century / the highest award .
1991 :construction competition Tokyo" A REMBO TOWN everybody and future 21 city planning" winning a contest Builder Kazumasa Tamagawa's collaboration. A collaboration name is named "POLKA DOTTSU" after that.
1998 :A contest Builder Kazumasa Tamagawa's collaboration. A collaboration name is named "POLKA DOTTSU" after that.
2001 :National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) entry. It deals with a space transportation project and Hope/Phase1.Phase2.
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